• A snippet of our learning!

    Would you want to live next to a volcano?

    During our Geography topic we have researched into volcanoes and the positives and negatives of living near one! We sorted different scenarios based on whether we thought it was good or bad and then the children wrote in their books whether they’d want to live near a volcano and why.

    Would you stick to a magnet?

    This week in Science the children have used their Charlie the Curiosity Star to investigate which materials are attracted to a magnet. We found that a lot of metals are attracted to magnets but sometimes magnets can repel each other!

  • A super start to Year 3!

    We’ve really enjoyed welcoming the children back to Sarah Gilbert class this last week and have completed lots of interesting activities to share with you! Firstly, in our Writing topic this half-term we are focusing on The Iron Man by Ted Hughes. We started by watching a trailer for the film and describing the Iron Man’s appearance. Afterwards, the children had a go at creating their own version of the Iron Man!

    In our Geography topic we have been looking at ‘What is under our feet?’ and have started to create the layers of the Earth using playdough! The children really enjoyed representing the different layers of the Earth with the different colours (and also getting a little bit messy!)

    In our Commando Joe lessons we are learning about Ed Stafford, who was the first person to walk the length of the Amazon river! We learnt that Ed’s journey took him 860 days and required lots of teamwork, optimism and grit – which are all some of our ‘Star Qualities’. To prepare for our journey across the Amazon river, we participated in a fitness circuit and measured our heart rate.

    We are looking forward to sharing more of our learning with you over the half-term! 🙂

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